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Christina T. Davidson
Certified Braille Music Transcriber, professional print music copyist
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Braille Music

Introduction to Braille Music on this site

Free transcriptions of Guitar music in braille  and print: audio files, PDF, and BRF files. Including contemporary pieces by Marc Lamberg,  Dag Arve Lindsetmo, and Jubing Kristianto and classical pieces by Giuliani, Carulli, Bach, etc.

Happy Fingers: Easy Songs for braille music readers
. Books 1 & 2 available for FREE.

Resources & Links: books, libraries, and websites about braille music
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Hand-written Music

Samples of my hand-written music & calligraphy
published in over 50 books & magazines

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Other interests: Weaving, up-cycling fabric, odds-n-ends, Lake Superior sunsets

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